FOTOGEN has launched in Central Zürich, in the heart and soul of Swiss creativity, influence and inspiration. The Agency always aimed to offer a new and innovative approach to the representation, and marketing of models and provide brands / businesses with a selection of models and character faces. As a national as well as international working agency, FOTOGEN does not only promote established models, but also new faces, makeup artists & stylists.

Thanks to the good cooperation with the best photographers and artists, we can offer complete photo productions. Many years of know-how, innovativeness, professionalism, versatility, speed, seriousness, reliability, motivation are just some of our characteristics that make FOTOGEN the most renowned address in Switzerland in the fashion industry.

In 2004, Fotogen became the first to recognize the importance of a future People / Classic department. Our Classic Department covers versatile customer needs in terms of commercial and all age models for advertising jobs like fashion photography and promotion (hostesses, hand, hair, etc.). Due to the numerous applications we receive every day, we can offer a very wide range of faces and characters.

FOTOGEN would like to offer you a collaboration in case you can’t find the face you’re looking for, or if you’re on a tight budget, we’re always able to use our network to cast for you.

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