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Fotogen Model Manuel B


«We really enjoyed working with Fotogen model Manuel for this SHUBA Magazine editorial. He is a very good model who has a lot of potential. We had a lot of ease in doing this work with him. We are very happy with the results.»

Zeynab Abbar, Creative Director 12pm team

The Swiss fashion team 12pm is made up of 3 people:

Zeynab Abbar – Creative Director/ stylist / fashion designer

Abby Matthews – Photographer

Bilel Melkis – Cameraman

Joining the team for this production was Hair and Make Up artist Farchonda Ahmadyar.

Fotogen model Manuel B  is based in Switzerland.

Zeynab Abbar:

«My normal process as an artistic director and stylist is to start with the type of dress I want to give to this editor. Then I go and look for a place. I’m going to the place that I have found and it has to inspire me. Once the idea is there, we make the selection of models that will give life to my world. I try to make people travel in this universe!»

«What inspired me for this Fashion Editorial is the building, the architecture and the lines, from where we decide to name the Fashion Editorial „Lines“. After that I chose the clothes, simple and color sober, to bring out the background of the building. The blue color key and the light on the image brings out the lines of this building and has been retouched by the photographer Abby Matthews.

We are collegial and cooperative, so we can create the perfect picture. The photographer Abby Matthews has to have an eye to find the angles, the background, the light, so that the work can be completed with us and our cameraman Bille Melkis who accompanies us.»

«Since we wanted a model who can give life to the pictures/images with an intense look in its eyes, we found that Fotogen model Manuel was well fitted for this Fashion Editorial. Through him the Fashion Editorial got the needed last touch.»


See more photos of Manuel B here.

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