Livia E: Carmen Cita Jones Jewelry

About the photographer Ellin Anderegg:

Ellin Anderegg’s first experience in photography was while attending the College in Art and Graphics in Great Britain. Having completed her education as desktop designer, Ellin worked for various advertising agencies as a graphic designer. Continuing with her photography work, she created her first Switzerland-wide campaign for Metro Boutique in spring 2011.

As an international fashion and people photographer her client base includes brands such as L’Oréal, NZZ, Rhomberg Schmuck and personalities such as Christa Rigozzi, Stress, Kristina Bazan and many more.

Since 2013 Ellin has been a photographer for the Pro7 Swiss tv production „Faces Studio”.

Fotogen Model Livia E

About Carmen Cita Jones Jewelry:

The fabulous Carmen Cita Jones Jewelry 2017 collection Modern Showgirls is a tribute to the showgirls of the 20s. Pearls, turbans, silk, sparkling stones and glitter once decorated the opulent robes and jewelry of the dancers.

The designer was inspired of the elegance and created modern and wearable pieces. Every jewelry has the name of a famous dancer such as Josephine Baker, Ginger Rogers, Joan Crawford and Gloria Swanson.

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Fotogen Model Livia E ist ab der Schweiz buchbar.

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