Personal Fotoshooting

Be a star 

Experience a professional photoshoot with an international photographer! We offer you an exclusive experience that includes three different looks and retouched, perfectly edited portrait shots. Additionally, you will have a professional hair and makeup team to perfect your look. Last but not least, our styling team will ensure you look amazing in every outfit.

Our experienced team will make sure you feel comfortable and make the most out of every moment. Along with the professional photos, you will also receive a behind-the-scenes video capturing the exciting moments and providing a wonderful memory of your shoot.

Whether for your modeling career, your portfolio, or simply for yourself, this photoshoot provides everything you need to shine in the best light.

We understand that there are many photoshoot offers out there that are certainly good and affordable. However, what sets us apart is our extensive experience and collaboration with hundreds of photographers. We spent an entire year assembling the perfect team, and now we offer this team to you to ensure your photoshoot and the resulting images are unforgettable and a timeless memory of this special moment.

Sign up now and enjoy an unforgettable photoshoot experience!

Duration and schedule: The photoshoot spans 4-6 hours on a Sunday. The cost and specific dates and times will be announced upon registration.


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